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Our research focuses on the identification, characterization and evolution of insect species. We mostly work on insect pests and their natural enemies, but we also study some emblematic species of global conservation concern. We work for the French National Agronomic Institute (INRA) and are based at the Center for Biology and Population Management (CBGP), Montpellier, France.

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FYI, ICERYA stands for research group on the Identification, Characterization and Evolution of insect pests and their natuRal enemies in forestrY and Agriculture. The scale insect Icerya purchasi was one of the first major successes of biological control (ca 1888). The Australian ladybird Rodolia cardinalis was indeed successfully introduced to California to control this destructive pest which threatened to ruin Citrus orchards.

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) produces scientific knowledge and works for economic and social innovation in the areas of food, agriculture and the environment.

The CBGP is a research unit in which research on systematics, genetics and ecology relevant to the management of populations /communities for the purposes of agriculture, public health & biodiversity are conducted.

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New opened position (fluent french required) : Engineer for risk assessment studies. Deadline to apply 03/15/2018 [more details]